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Our Watch D.O.G.S. program is an important part of our school. Dads or other significant male role models are encouraged to volunteer at Wattles. Please consider signing up today!
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Wattles Fun Run

Hello Wattles Wildcats Families:

We are down to the less than 2 weeks until the Fun Run and we have a LONG way to go until we reach our goal of $15,000.  Currently we have raised $6668.53 with online and in school donations.

If you have already registered your child(ren) for the Fun Run – THANK YOU!

If you haven’t registered, here is the link to do so:  https://secure.eventsonline.us/reg/getmovincrew/parents.

Once you have registered your child(ren), sharing the page(s) is quick and easy. It literally takes seconds and is highly effective in getting donations from near and far.

1.      Simply login to your parent dashboard

a.       https://secure.eventsonline.us/reg/getmovincrew/parents (login using the details you used to set up your child's webpage)

2.      Once logged in the page, you can share via Facebook or other social media with just a few clicks and in a few seconds by using email.

Here's how easy it is. I posted my daughter’s page on Facebook and emailed all our family who live out of state.  She received many  donations from family, friends and acquaintances. I was shocked by how many people were excited to help her reach her goal.  I could not believe how quick and easy it was.

Our goal is for all registered students to get at least one donation. We currently only have 185 students registered out of the 495 students who attend Wattles.  Of those 185 students registered, we have 84 students who do not have any donations yet. Please consider sharing your child's webpage, it’s super easy and takes 2 minutes. Every little bit helps us towards our goal, which supplies vital funds that will help your student have a better educational experience. 


Thank you


Wattles PTO